3 Website Features That Need To Go Away Forever

Every year it seems we look to a new style in website design. We've gone from skeuomorphic to flat design and evolved into neumorphic design.

The trends change quickly and it's important to keep up. We need to keep up because these changes are often driven by user experience.

Here are three website features that need to go away forever…

  1. Hero Sliders
  2. Fullscreen Video Headers
  3. Email Signup Popups

1. Hero Sliders

Hero sliders were huge throughout the past decade. In the last few years, they have slowly faded away, but not nearly quick enough.

There are multiple reasons why hero sliders need to go away. First and likely the most important is that they show a lack of clear focus. Many businesses can't decide the main goal of their website. If everything is important, nothing is important.

Many site visitors never even see the second slider and they definitely don't see the eight slider. Pick the most important goal and find one image that works. Pair that with a clearly defined call to action and you will see results.

2. Fullscreen Video Headers

I'll admit that fullscreen video headers do have a place. They look incredible when they are purposefully built to help convey the feel of a brand. What happens often is that a stock video is placed as a MASSIVE header and you've effectively given up the most important real estate on your website.

The other reason fullscreen video headers need to go away is that they are resource hogs. Best practice is to host them on a service like Wistia, Vimeo or even YouTube. Many sites i've seen have uploaded the background video to their own website. This is a mistake that will cost you traffic and money.

3. Email Signup Popups

Have you ever been trying to leave a site when your screen gets taken over by a popup? I've been guilty of having these in the past and I've never seen any worth while return.

I understand that conversion percentage can increase from these, but they are just aggravating. They destroy the user's flow and are rarely optimized for mobile.

I'm not against building an email list. In fact, I think it's one of the most important things you can do for your business. Do it in a way that you wouldn't mind it on a site you visit regularly.

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