Hourly Rate

We want to help you out. Although 99.99% of our projects are priced on a per-project basis, we understand some situations are unique. In these cases, we offer limited work at an hourly rate.

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Why The Different Rate?

Sites that aren't maintained can lead to much more cleanup and unintended issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to be your guide

How long does a typical site take to build?

Site build time can range from a few weeks to a year. The main factor that impacts development time is how prepared your team is with content, media and a singular goal for your website.  Our website build time is between 4-12 weeks.

What's your hourly rate?

We try to be as flexible as we can for our clients. Every project is very different so we bring you through our process where we collect the information needed to send a project proposal.

We do offer retainer packages where you can purchase blocks of hours to use whenever and however you'd like.

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Is hosting included with your websites?

We recommend our Safety Plan to each of our clients. We offer three tiers to fit any need and they all include hosting.

If you'd like to handle hosting on your own, we only work on sites from our preferred hosting partners

Do you develop using any framework other than Divi?

We don't. We've done extensive testing with all the major wordpress themes. After trying them all, we picked Divi because it has an incredible support community, a dedicated development team and it includes one of the absolute best visual builders available on any platform.

Do you guarantee my site will stay safe?

Any one saying they can guarantee your site remains untouched by the dark side of the internet isn't being truthful.  What we can do is put measures in place to protect your site and keep routine backups to ensure we can always bring it back to life if needed. Read about our Maintenance Plans to find out more.