How Do You Choose The Right Website Host?

Asking the question “What is the best website hosting company?” is like asking what's the best car. The answer isn't the same for everyone. That's the most important thing to keep in mind as we help you answer the question for your business.

Why is it hard to choose the right website host?

It isn't hard to choose the right website host, but it's important you know what to look for when making the decision. It makes sense to go to the website hosting companies you've heard about through marketing (GoDaddy) or the cheap options (A2 Hosting / Siteground).

Companies like GoDaddy spend a lot of money making sure you know about them. In my experience most people aren't happy with their service for a few reasons:

  • Confusing system (frustrating)
  • Bad customer service (frustrating)
  • Constant upsell messages (annoying)
  • Slow website speeds (crushes potential sales)
  • Shared servers with tons of other sites on it (security risk)

Both A2 Hosting and Siteground are an upgrade from GoDaddy. They offer comparable pricing to GoDaddy while offering better site performance and typically better support.

A2 Hosting offers a more complex system for managing websites called cPanel. It gives you flexibility, but can have a fairly big learning curve.

Siteground delivers solid site performance while keeping the dashboard simple. Siteground also pulls ahead of the pack with better customer service.

All web hosts are not created equal

When looking for a host I could grow with, I originally decided on HostGator. The main reason was that HostGator had solid customer support. They also had really good pricing as I got started.

If I build a site and decide to use a cheap shared hosting plan for a site that will get a few thousand visitors a week, the experience will suffer. I am more concerned with stability, customer support and flexibility.

Your criteria for the perfect host may vary depending on your price range and the specifics of your project, but two things can never be overlooked. The first is customer service and the second is reliability.

These website hosts are my favorites for simple, affordable do it yourself hosting:

  1. Do It Yourself:
    • Entry level performance
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable
    • A great fit for small business needing a web presence
  2. Do It Yourself:  Flywheel
    • Mid-tier performance
    • Easy to use
    • Not as cheap as others, but you get a great experience
    • Very good customer support
  3. Done For You: Redefined Creative Care Plan
    • Top-tier performance
    • We handle anything any website issues related to website hosting
    • Website updates done for you
    • Priority support


Picking the right website hosting company isn't always easy. The type of business you have and the way you will need to use your website will impact the overall cost of hosting. If you have any questions, reach out to us and ask. We are happy to help you by pointing you in the right direction or handling your website for you.

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