Our Rebrand Story

Things may look a little different, but who we are will always be the same.

What's With The Rebrand?

It's really simple actually. We rebranded because I felt it was time to change. It was time to grow from being a one-person shop into something a little (but not too much) bigger.

The natural feeling when change happens is fear. Many people are afraid of the unknown and I'm not the exception to that feeling. Thankfully, I'm more afraid of regret than I am the fear of change.

I've been able to work with amazing clients who have given me the ability to bring on help. I've made my first addition to the team this year and it's made me realize that I can serve better if I can remove myself from certain tasks that drain my energy.

This is exciting because it will free me up to be more creative, helpful, and energized. It will allow me to focus on my passion project of educating.

The next year will be challenging and I know I'll work harder than I ever have, but I'm excited to keep moving forward each day.

– Keegan

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What Our Clients Think

You should love your website team. Our clients do.

Redefined Creative has an incredible eye for design. They created a visually stunning site that was super functional and user friendly.

– Paul Thomson, Online Business Coach

Redefined Creative has great ideas, was easy to work with and provided high-quality work. We have been very please and Keegan is a nice guy to boot!

– Sky Capriolo, Marketing Manager

Redefined Creative went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. They are incredibly easy to work with and creative with new ideas.

– Corky Gainsford, Pro Musician