Paul Thomson Website Migration

Who is Paul Thomson?

Paul Thomson is an online coach for course creators. He helps educators bring their ideas to life in the digital space. To be effective as an online coach for course creators, you have to understand conversion.

How We Found The Issue

Paul knew his site was good, but the load time was leading to a higher bounce rate than he was willing to accept. Paul and I were looking at some styling changes and we started talking about site speed.

I ran a quick test to check out the speed of his current hosting and what we found made both of us take notice.

Paul's Original Site Performance with BlueHost

You can see his score in the image below. A 46% performance score with a nearly 7.8s full load time is not the performance Paul was looking for to convert visitors into clients. We needed to go to work.

The Migration from BlueHost to Flywheel Starts

I believe in Flywheel hosting 100%. The Flywheel servers are optimized for WordPress. We host over 35 sites on Flywheel and each of them comes with its own dedicated resources.

This is a very different setup than most cheap hosting companies. BlueHost will put as many websites on a single server as they can. Using this setup is the same as multiple people working from the same computer.

If one person brings a virus onto the computer, the entire system can be compromised for every person working on that computer. Paul could have done everything perfectly on his own site. If his neighboring site, on the same server, didn't protect their site, Paul's website could be compromised.

The Results After Site Migration

We moved Paul's site over to our Care Plan and left everything else the same.  Now you see a much different result. We improved to a 96% performance ranking and a full site load time of only 1.5 seconds!

Now we will be looking at image optimization, site asset optimization, and database cleanup to strengthen these results even more. 

You need a full plan in place to secure your site, optimize speeds, and backup your site. If you don't have a plan, we can help you. 

Sign up for a Care Plan to make sure your site's speed is ready to convert visitors into paying customers.

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