Explore the details of our development process below…

Phase 1: Welcome to the Redefined Portal

We've spent years building our process with one goal in mind – Make it simple for you. The Redefined Portal will be the singular hub for all communication during our project together.

We will walk you through getting into the portal and how to navigate it. The Redefined Portal will be the home for all of your brand goods.

Phase 2: Collecting the goods

Brand Logo

We collect your brand logos within your Basecamp Project. This helps us ensure we have your highest quality logos

Domain Login

We need to access the account you used to buy your domain to point the domain to the new site when your site goes live

Website Login

We need an admin login so we can look at your current website. This is to build your new site without losing SEO gains


The images on your site are crucial to looking legit. These images should humanize your brand

Page Content

No one knows your brand like you. We will fit your content into the site design. The language should feel authentic to your brand

Brand Styles

We collect your fonts and the colors used to identify your brand

Step 3: The Build Process


We start by organizing your assets. Then we begin to shape how the website pages will be organized


We take the site strategy and infuse your brand styles into a clean design focused on a clear message


This is the most exciting step in the process. Your site goes live for the whole world to see

What's Next?

After we've completed the build phase, it's time to protect your investment