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Goal-driven professional website designers

Does your current website actually convert leads into sales?

If you’re feeling like your website isn’t pulling it’s weight, or like you’re spending money on it with no tangible results, that can be super frustrating. You deserve a website that works for you and we get that.

We’ve helped dozens of businesses build websites that convert visitors into customers. Together, we can shape your brand goals into a website designed to convert leads into sales.

We can’t wait to help you transform your concerns about your current website into excitement about what’s possible when you have a website that works for you.

We're invested in you

Goal Driven Design

You’ll convert leads at a higher rate as we remove fluff and build a clear design based on your goals.

Proven Design Process

Your project will launch on schedule following our design process and full transparency project management system.

Long Term Partnership

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing we won’t disappear. Our goal is to be an extension of your brand as a dedicated web design department.

One Stop Website Shop

We make it easy for you to make changes and even easier to diagnose problems with a single point of contact for all your website needs.

Why settle for a website that never converts leads into sales?

And you shouldn’t have to worry about a web designer disappearing after your site is built.

Your website should be a tool that works to improve your business.

When we finish, you’ll not only have a website system that attracts and converts more leads into sales – you’ll find peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team behind you to keep your website safe and working for you.

Redefined Website Launch System



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Here's what you'll get…


50-step web design process


Goal driven design


Long-term partnership


One-stop shop for your website


Ongoing website maintenance


Premium site optimization

client reviews

Our clients love us… here's why!

Paul Thomson

Online Course Coach

Redefined Creative has an incredible eye for design. They created a visually stunning site that was super functional and user friendly.

Sky Capriolo

Marketing Manager

Redefined Creative has great ideas, was easy to work with and provided high-quality work. We have been very please and Keegan is a nice guy to boot!

Corky Gainsford

Pro Musician

Redefined Creative went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. They are incredibly easy to work with and creative with new ideas.

Have Questions?

I can just build a website myself. Why should I hire you?
DIY is always an option. The real question is do you have the time to learn the tools to build an effective website and the knowledge to do it well? We have the information to build a house, but most of us wouldn’t build our home.
Can I use just Wix or Squarespace?
Sure. The downside is that you will never actually “own” your website. Any professional site is made for you and you own it. To keep it simple, if you stop paying Wix or Squarespace, your site will be gone or will need to be rebuilt.
My last designer disappeared on me, will you?
Our main goal is long term partnership. If everything falls apart in the future, you are guaranteed to get a backup of your site so you can keep your website alive and well.
I can get a site built by someone on Fiverr for under $500. Why is your site more expensive?
Like cars and tech, not everything is created equal. A Fiverr site isn’t necessarily bad, but the detailed work needed to make your site convert will not be part of your project.