Explore the details of our maintenance process below…

Phase 1: Site Lockdown

Secret Entrance

WordPress uses the same door for all sites. This makes it easy for the bad guys to get into your site. We close that door

Site Monitoring

We monitor your site to make sure if something happens to it and it goes down, we know immediately

Secure Logins

We force strong user passwords and can turn on 2-Factor authentication. This is another layer of protection

Phase 2: Ongoing Updates


WordPress is just like the software on your phone. It needs updates to stay fast and secure

Design Platform

Just like WordPress, the design framework needs to be updated regularly to get new features and stay secure

Site Tools

Site plugins need regular updates to stay secure and compatible with WordPress and our design platform

Phase 3: Keeping You In The Loop

Monthly Report


Each month, we send you a recap of the updates done to your website. 

What's Next?

The only thing left to do is connect with our team and get this party started!