Now What?

Launching your new website is just the beginning.


Step 1: Spread The Word!!!

When your site launches, the most important thing we can do is feed it traffic. Google loves traffic. It helps index your site and boost your site's visibility on Google searches. Here are a few ways to get started.

Option 1


Have a newsletter? Let your subscribers know that your new website has launched. Don't forget to include how it can add value to them. 

Option 2

Social Media

You're social media connections can help you spread the message and even attract new business. Even share it with your personal connections on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & TikTok. 

Option 3


Don't forget to share your website launch with the people you know in real life. This is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback. The feedback can help you identify future additions to the website. 

Need an email newsletter platform? We use ActiveCampaign.

Step 2: Ask For Reviews

Online reviews are important. You need to ask if you want to get them. When potential customers search for a business, they will look at ratings and reviews. Here are a few common ways to get valuable reviews. 

Option 1


Google reviews are trusted and easily found. They pop up when anyone searches for your business. Customers can either Google your business or you can create a link directly to your review page.

Option 2


Facebook reviews have gained major credibility over the past few years. Share your business page link and ask for a review. 

Option 3


Collect feedback from your clients. Have them share why your business is the best choice and quote them on your website. These can be in text or video! 

Step 3: Keep Things Updated

Updates keep you top of mind and keep your website fresh. Your phone goes through major updates each year. You don't need to replace your website each year, but you will want to clean it up frequently.

Option 1


Image updates show that you care about your website. Frequent visitors will see that you invest time in your site. That will reflect in the effort they expect you will put into them.

Option 2


We recommend reviewing your website layout every six to nine months. It doesn't have to be major changes, but progress will keep visitors coming back.

Option 3


Critical information on your site will change from time to time. Hours of operation, phone numbers and addresses need to be kept accurate. Team members will come and go.

Step 4: Create Content

Google is the king of search. Google loves sites with frequently added blog posts, updated content, extended services and up to date software. Your SEO ranking is driven by fresh content on your website.

Option 1

Blog Posts

Google ranks pages, not sites. Blog posts are the best way to show up in search more often. They also give you the opportunity to gain authority in your industry while helping SEO.

Option 2

New Pages

New pages mean brand new content. Added services, new team members and new project highlights are just a few ways to improve your website's visibility.

Option 3

Update Pages

If your content is out of date or just old, Google will not rank it as high. Google's goal is to deliver relevant and timely information to people. Keeping your content updated will give you the best chance to be found.

Step 5: Have A Website Safety Net

Spammers and bots make up a major portion of the internet. For that ready, we highly recommend a Safety Plan. Site hacks happen often and are easily avoidable with the right precautions.

Let us put your mind at ease and protect your investment. 

One More Thing…

We mentioned how important reviews are to a business.
If you loved working with us, it would mean everything if you shared that with the world.