Life By Music

Music Education Non-Profit

Project brief

The Life By Music Story

Music has always been a big part of my life. Because of that, it’s become the soundtrack to my life. Certain songs immediately transport me to a different time and place.

When Ryan Patrick asked me to partner with him on the new Life By Music website, I was both honored and excited! Life By Music supports music education through sponsorships and donations.

Life By Music’s mission is to change the world by creating awareness about the positive impact the arts have on the emotional, mental and social development of youth.

As a professional touring music, Ryan Patrick along with the guys in Otherwise do amazing work raising money to support music education. They also donate instruments to music programs to ensure the next generation has what they need to make incredible music.

I’ve loved the opportunity to work with Ryan to build the website that has become a hub for donations for the organization.

Do you love music? Will you support continual music education and ensure these programs stay around? If so, visit the Life by Music website and donate today.